How do I care for my new cutting/serving board?

- Each board has been pre-treated with an all-natural food-safe oil and conditioner.

- These boards cannot be machine washed, do not put them in a dishwasher, and do not leave them fully submerged in water.

- After use, clean with dish soap and water and rinse like any other hand wash item. Dry with a clean towel or stand on end to air dry.

- Oil boards often with our house-made board butter, mineral oil, or butcher block oil from your local grocer.

- To oil boards: Use a clean cloth and load it up with a liberal amount of board butter. Rub board butter into board on all sides, completely. Let sit for 20 minutes, then buff to sheen.

- To deodorize a wooden board (after a lot of garlic and onion cutting): Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice onto the cutting board. Add salt to the board. Then rub in the salt all around the board with the cut-in-half lemon.

- I oil my personal boards about once a month or more if they're looking dry and get a lot of use. I deodorize every few months.

- If you have any questions feel free to reach out and ask. I also recommend this video from West Coast Boards for a visual demonstration.

When will my order ship?

Shipments are packed on Monday and Tuesday which are then scheduled for pick up the next day. You will be notified with a tracking number when your items have shipped. 

What does 1/1 mean?

It means the item is 1 of 1 and the product likely won't be restocked again.

Why are there numbers at the end of a listing?

Off-cuts, bowls, spoons, and spatulas are all single-listing items. Meaning none of them are the same. The numbers at the end are just to differentiate stock between unique items in the same style.

Something "Ready to Ship" has been "Sold Out" for a long time. Can I still order it?

Yes, if you have your eye on something specific that I've made and it's not been restocked. I can always make it custom for you if you contact me. Please head over to my contact page so we can get you down for earlier production.

You posted something you made but it isn't listed on your website. How can I order it?

I often make custom items for either myself, my family, or friends. If you see something you like, get in touch and I can make it custom for you!

Can you fix/re-finish/refurbish  *insert item made out of wood*?

Most likely, yes. Get in touch via my contact page for a quote on a fix or re-finish.