'Happy Birthday Hand' - Framed 1/1 Print

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1 of 1 framed inkjet print scanned from 35mm negatives. Matted and mounted with anti-reflective AR70 glass in handmade mahogany frames (by me). Comes signed with a dust backer and wire installed, ready to hang.

Print size is 15” x 10”

The outer dimension of the frame is 19” x 14” x 7/8”

*Free local pick-up available*

From Seen and Not Seen Art Exhibit at the Grand Rapids Art Museum

“These images are part of a series Candid Party Cam, a project that Kade Maycroft created from personal photographs not originally intended to be shared publicly. Compiled from pre-pandemic parties and nights out with friends, this body of work vastly differs from his usual photography work, which focuses on quiet, desolate urban landscapes.

Candid Party Cam borrows visual cues from amateur family photography, including familiar ‘mistakes’ such as blur, vignetted flash, and tilted framing. Maycroft’s work in this series suggests that technical perfection is not what makes a photograph significant, rather it is the presence of the people in them and the memories that they preserve.

Personal photographs are often used to document loved ones or intimate moments, whereas Maycroft’s images substitute the weight of specific familiar people for the more ubiquitous feelings that the photographs emote - a hot parking lot in the summertime, a hug with an old friend after months apart, the smell of a basement at a house show, a round of shots to toast, happiness, commemoration, love, and longing.”

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