Warbly Offcut (03)

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  • A face grain serving board. Made out of walnut from my grandpa’s collection.

  • A glue up that was meant to become a warbly board, but for whatever reason had to be transformed into something else. These are 1 of 1, hand drawn and routed boards.

  • 14” x 6” at its widest and 3/4” thick. 1 1/4” hole for thumb hold/hanging.

  • Each board is one-of-a-kind and each will have some color and grain variations.

  • Can be used as a cheese board, charcuterie, serving board, etc. The board will endure cutting but because it is face grain, it will show signs of knife marks and wear a bit quicker. If you desire to cut on this board, I suggest picking one side to cut on so the other side stays presentable.

  • Made in Grand Rapids, MI

  • Free local porch pick up.


  • Care Instructions: Each board has been pre-treated with an all natural food safe oil and conditioner and could last a lifetime if maintained properly. These boards cannot be machine washed, do not put it in a dishwasher and don’t leave them fully submerged in water. After use, lightly clean and rinse with water and dry with a clean towel. Regularly maintaining your board with mineral oil or board butter is important in maintaining the quality, lifetime, and integrity of your board.

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